Full Services

By way of introduction to AWDTS, Australia’s premier provider of alcohol and drug testing services and equipment…

Whether you are just starting out with a testing regime, requiring assistance to conduct your own or seeking a service provider to supply a full range of goods and services, AWDTS is here to satisfy your requirements.  Headquartered on the Gold Coast and operating nationally, New Guinea and New Zealand for the past 7 years, AWDTS enjoys a reputation for professionalism that also attracts many of our competitors as clients.

Our range of services include:

Alcohol and Drug Testing (performed by us, or we train and mentor your staff)
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Workplace Testing
  • Testing for Criminal, Family, Personal Injury and Industrial Law matters
  • Testing of syringes, sharps surfaces and clothing
Nationally-accredited Alcohol and Drug Testing Training, including annual refresher training
Education & Awareness Training
  • for Management
  • for Workers
  • for the Public
  • for Schools and Tertiary institutions
Sale of Testing Equipment meeting Australian Standards requirements
Consultancy Services
Policy Formulation/Review
Expert Witness Provision
Employee Assistance Programmes
Forensic drug testing, assessment and reporting in Industrial, Criminal and Family Law matters
Bail and Pre-Sentence Assessments and Reports
Parole Reports and Reviews