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AWDTS is totally professional, unique in its offered range of services and your most credible solution in all alcohol and other drugs testing matters.

For any organisation contemplating commencing or already conducting a testing regime, we can provide a range of options and help formulate what will best meet your needs, from very basic services through to the conduct of a complete program on your behalf. AWDTS is basically a boutique "one-stop shop", whose forensic practitioners have spent their professional lives in drug and alcohol testing and have vast experience in detection, prevention, consulting, training, counselling and rehabilitation pertaining to drugs & alcohol misuse and abuse for some of Australia's largest mining, engineering, transport and construction companies, government departments and Australia's leading pathology and legal firms. We even provide services to our competitors.

AWDTS forensic toxicologists were fully involved in writing the current Australian Standards (AS/NZS4308:2008 and AS4760:2006) for drug testing and have a combined experience of around 60 years in drug testing and 50 years in the provision of expert evidence in courts of law (see recent cases: Toll NZ vs NZ Maritime Union and CFMEU vs Shell).

Our alcohol experts have extensive experience in the research and development of alcohol breath testing equipment used in law enforcement agencies and industry. Similarly they have considerable experience in the provision of expert evidence in courts of law. Legal defensibility is crucial and may go to the heart of the ultimate viability and existence of your organization. Its importance and the quality of your expert witnesses cannot be underestimated.

AWDTS is fully compliant with collection and despatch requirements of Australian Standards relating to drug testing. Our partner laboratories are all fully NATA-accredited. We utilise and sell Standards-compliant drug-testing equipment (verification certificates available for urine tests) and alcohol testing equipment compliant with Australian and International evidentiary standards.

As a client, telephone advice is provided at no cost. In contrast to other suppliers, AWDTS prides itself on its experts’ availability to clients, in that with one telephone call you can speak directly with an acknowledged expert to answer any of your queries and provide timely advice. You cannot get access to experts of this calibre from any other organization in this country.

AWDTS is one of only a small number of companies offering nationally-accredited alcohol and drugs testing training. A Statement of Attainment is issued following successful completion. We recommend annual re-accreditation but can provide the tools for you to manage this in-house at no extra cost. We consider that we offer the best course of its kind available in Australia, with the most experienced professional presenters, and the best quality state-of-the art equipment in complete compliance with the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. A copy of the course accreditation certificate is available upon client request.

AWDTS provides a complete service, and is happy to discuss training, testing or other matters further and look forward to hearing from you.

Three Important Questions

Can workplace drug & alcohol testing result in a court case?

If you use the results of a drug/alcohol test for the purpose of imposing a penalty on an individual, then all aspects of the testing procedure i.e. the collection, the training of collection personnel, initial testing, laboratory testing and chain of custody as well as your policy and education processes may be subject to close scrutiny in a court of law. At this point, you have entered the forensic arena.

Is there a comprehensive solution for workplace drug & alcohol testing?


Could you trust a motor mechanic to conduct surgery on you?

No? So would you and your organization entrust persons who may be inappropriately qualified, inexperienced and lacking requisite forensic backgrounds to implement and maintain your drug and alcohol policy and procedures? Does it make sense when failure could lead to a very expensive and indefensible court case?

Services Covered

AWDTS covers all points of the compass & sets the course for providing a safer work place for our clients.

Breath, Urine, Saliva, Hair and Other Matrices by arrangement.

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