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    The only privately-owned alcohol and drug testing firm in Australia with its own in-house forensic toxicologists, analytical chemists, GP, Registered Nurses, lawyer, criminologist, social worker and forensic psychologist available for consultation with clients.  AWDTS is a member of the QLD Resources Council (QRC), QLD’s peak body for the mining industry.  Several of the AWDTS team are members of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists and one of our executive consultants serves on Australian Standards Committees.


    page1_logoNationally-accredited courses

    Our own RTO delivers Nationally-accredited and other courses exclusively pertaining to alcohol and drug safety, detection and management (including reaccreditation) conducted by experts in alcohol and other drugs with a guaranteed minimum of 11 years’ experience in AOD…we provide the best courses and trainers in AOD in Australia


    page1_logoPre and Post Training

    Training is just the beginning of the business relationship…post-training AWDTS provides students with an ongoing training program including further training materials, regular updates re Standards, legislation and industry best practice at no additional cost


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    Clients may access professional telephone advice at nil cost. A one-stop shop for all AOD testing equipment, training, consulting and testing. All testing equipment Australian and/or International Evidentiary Standards-compliant Collectors are trained as required by AS/NZS4308:2008 and AS4760:2006; all AWDTS testing is conducted IAW Standards, including testing at only NATA-accredited laboratories. We provide laboratory liaison/results interpretation at nil additional cost to clients. Our consultants are second to none with AWDTS Expert Witnesses contributing to wins in the vast majority of landmark alcohol and drug testing cases in Australasia in the last 6 years

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    AWDTS comprehensive range of services includes:
    • Presentations for Management
    • Management and Union negotiations
    • Policy development
    • Management/Staff education
    • Nationally accredited training courses
    • Testing (on-site & laboratory)
    • Scientifically proven alcohol and drug testing equipment
    • Advice on fitness for duty
    • Fully NATA-accredited forensic laboratory
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Expert witness and written opinion service
    • Re-accreditation workplace assessments
    • Telephone and email advice to clients by experts
    • Close association with other highly reputable goods & services providers

    Relevant Questions

    These are relevant questions in the field of drug and alcohol testing for which you definitely need to have an answer. Please be assured AWDTS can provide you with the legally defensible solutions.
    • Has your service provider a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the Australian Standards for drug testing?
    • Does your provider hold tertiary qualifications relevant to drug/alcohol testing?
    • Has your service provider the requisite background to advise on policy?
    • Can your provider offer timely, quality high calibre technical advice regarding all aspects of testing?
    • Are your provider’s personnel trained in an accredited course in compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework?


    Privately Owned

    AWDTS is the only privately-owned alcohol and drug testing firm in Australia that boasts its own clinical and forensic toxicologists, psychologists, medical team, social workers and criminologists, as well as a highly trained alcohol and drug

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    Contact Us our Head Office on Tel: 1300 DRUG TEST or send a contact form today.