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Welcome to AWDTS training.  We offer a comprehensive range of courses tailored to the needs of individuals, government and industry.  Produced by experts with experience in training internationally, running laboratories, working closely with Standards Australia, Industry bodies and law enforcement agencies AWDTS courses provide a wealth of information, knowledge and depth of experience in drug and alcohol-related matters.

Reasonably priced, these courses represent the latest information from experts in toxicology who sit on Australian Standards Committees and set the precedents in landmark court cases around the country.  We look forward to meeting with you online, or hearing from you on the telephone or via email for further information.  Have a great day. Navigate using the Course Information below to learn more about these courses. Or send us a simple inquiry today.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.46.34 AMThe AWDTS Nationally-Accredited Alcohol and Drug Testing Collector Training Package

AWDTS as now trained thousands of collectors both nationally and internationally.  The course is a day long, nationally-accredited course and one of the few available in Australia that meets the requirements of AS/NZS4308:2008 (urine testing) and AS4760:2006 (oral fluids testing) with a Statement of Attainment issued upon successful completion.  The course is broken into two components, the first dealing with alcohol breath testing and the second with urine, oral fluids and other forms of drug testing and sample collection including Chain of Custody requirements.

Given the expertise and experience that has gone into the writing of this course, and the fact that AWDTS presenters are required to have a minimum of 10 years industry experience as toxicologists, health professionals or in this specialised safety area, it is hardly surprising that the course has been described by many in the industry as Australia’s best.

page1_logoAWDTS Education and Awareness Package – Alcohol and Drug Testing

This 40 minute presentation introduces the rationale behind testing for alcohol and other drugs and an overview of standard company policy and testing procedures; there is a shorter Induction Package for Alcohol and Drug Testing available as well.  We can also produce a specifically tailored package for your company or agency’s policy and procedure. This may be done in the classroom or online.

page1_logoHandling Difficult People and Criminal Incidents – A Short Course for Front-line Staff

This 1 hour training session provides excellent techniques for how to deal with alcohol and drug-fueled abuse, physical assault and armed threats.  It may be done in the classroom or online.

page1_logoRed Bull and Vodka: The “No” Case for Mixing Alcohol and Other Drugs – A Short Course  for Hospitality Staff

AWDTS provides a 1 hour online training session regarding the dangers of mixing depressants with stimulants, psychedelics, and other depressants

page1_logoTesting Media

This 15 minute online presentation helps with the decision on whether to test for drugs with urine or oral fluids.

page1_logoSynthetics, Steroids and Supplements

This 1 hour online presentation looks at substances other than illicit drugs that may be of concern in the workplace.

page1_logoHow to Beat the Cheats

AWDTS provides an online 2 hour presentation on ways donors attempt to falsify tests, and the means available to you to combat same.

page1_logoManaging Alcohol and Drug Testing – A Short Course for Management and Supervisors

AWDTS provides a 3 hour training session for management and supervisors on how to manage breaches of Alcohol and Drug testing Policy and Procedures, including Legal, Standards, Health and Safety and Procedural considerations.  This is best done in a classroom setting, but may be done online.

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